Radio Ferrymead 1413 AM
Christchurch, NZ

taking music's past into the future

The Team


President: Noel Walsh
Vice President: Mike Bruner
Treasurer: Ernie McNicholl
Secretary: Tony Forster
Committee Members:
Mary Gilmour
Dan Crossen
Brian Wright
Ashley Gilmour
Funding Officer: Mike Bruner

Radio Station

Station  Manager: Tony Forster
Library Coordinator: Mary Gilmour


Technical Manager: Brian Wright
Technicians: Ian Kilday, Wayne Sleeman, Simon Cuff


Dan Crossen
Ernie McNicholl
Frank Connor
Di Dobson
Warren Judkins

Jason Ward

Mark Westbury
Mike Bruner
Noel Walsh
Stuart Lean
Tony Forster

Request Teams

Julia Oakley
Brian Lang
Mary Tamplin
Tony Forster
Michael Coe

Donna Mitchell

Mary Gilmour

Pamela Tongue
Linda Dalton
Lynette Lean
Susan Croft
Ashley Gilmour